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Pepco Holdings was a holding company incorporated in February 2001 for the purpose of effecting the acquisition of Conectiv Power Delivery by Potomac Electric Power Company (better known as "Pepco"). The acquisition was completed on August 1, 2002 at which time Pepco and Conectiv became wholly owned subsidiaries of PHI.


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Former Employee - Engineer III says

"Boring at times, projects move slowly, learning curve flattens out after a few years. Many people do next to no work but there are no repercussions so therefore no incentive for them to try at all. General air of complacency from a lot of people. Company doesn't actively hire from top schools. For lower level positions you get promoted regardless of whether you do a good job or not which is demoralizing for those trying to work hard and differentiate themselves. It's hard to stay "above the line" at times and this slacking off from people is talked about a lot behind the scenes between harder workers - many hard working people can't deal with it after a few years and look for opportunities elsewhere at consulting firms, renewable energy companies, or other faster-paced areas of employment. If you're not at the main headquarters then you're in one of the handful of other offices in the DC area - these offices are pretty old and all of them require you to drive in DC traffic. (This is a pre-Exelon merger review)"

Applications Analyst says

"Ho-hum growth opportunities, stagnation, limited exposure and value of experience"

Telecom Leader (Former Employee) says

"They closed the doors in telecom. Name change and now back to core energy business."

Certified Telecommunications Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Conectiv Communications is now out of business. They were part of the former Delmarva Power and Light company, as they tried to get into the long distance phone business unsuccessfully.SmallSmall"